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 Virtual Organizing

Are you a "Do It Myself" kind of person and need guidance on where to start? REFIND Organizing offers Virtual Organizing for our DIY'ers! 

With REFIND Organizing Plan, your professional organizer will act as your personal organizing coach to collaborate with you in your space via Zoom or FaceTime.  You will receive helpful coaching tips, strategies, and recommended products to create a system that fits your needs & lifestyle. We will also keep you motivated & committed during the times when things start to look impossible to tackle.

To maximize this service, it is recommended that you schedule consistent sessions.

Here is what you can expect when doing virtual organizing with REFIND Organizing:

  • You will receive one 30-minute video call session to discuss your goals based on what you need to accomplish—this includes the initial consultation. 

  • We will schedule 50-minute call sessions (minimum of 2 sessions).

  • You will receive follow-up emails throughout the process to share and discuss ideas and to answer any questions you have.

  • You will receive custom space plans that will include specific instructions for all parts of your space’s organization — plans include placement guides, personalized systems to implement, and more!

  • You will also receive a customized shopping list for organizational products that we believe will help you live a more organized life. These products will also be customized to fit the desired aesthetics of your space.

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