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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your life? Are you a busy parent that just does not have time to keep up with putting laundry away or a busy professional that loves to entertain but just cannot keep up with maintaining your home due to work? Let REFIND Organizing help you double down on the items you have and organize your space, giving you a slick and clean look!⁠

Spaces We Cover:




Playroom & Nurseries

Home Org icon.png



Basements & Garages




Storage Rooms

Space Planning 001.png





Living & Dining Rooms



And many more!

Spaces We Cover

REFIND Organizing is here to help clients declutter and de-stress!

We can take over your to-do list while you relax and focus on what matters the most in your life. From professional organizing to moving assistance, REFIND Organizing is the one-stop shop for your organizing & moving needs!

Bright Living Room

In-Person Organizing

The process of organizing can be stressful, but it does not have to be! With an expert like REFIND Organizing, the experience can be empowering and liberating. Our number one goal is to make this experience as smooth as possible, so you no longer worry about things such as, “Where did I put my favorite scarf?” and, “Have you seen my car keys?” 

Together, we can avoid the headaches and you can learn a new skill or two along the way so that the stress of organizing will only be a small memory from your past!

We provide the following organizing services:

Home Organization
Shopping Assistance

Space Planning
Donation Drop-Off

Moving In

Moving Services

Are you getting ready to move? Have you recently moved into a new place? REFIND Organizing has you covered! We take over things such as packing & unpacking so you will not have to worry about things like, “Where did I pack my toothbrush?” or, “Oh darn! Where are those pots and pans? How am I going to cook dinner tonight?” We provide the following moving services to clients:

Packing & Unpacking

Staging Home for Sale or Rent

Here is what you can expect when moving with REFIND Organizing:

Here is what you can expect when organizing with REFIND Organizing:

On a Video Call

 Virtual & DIY Organizing

Are you a "Do It Myself" kind of person and need guidance on where to start? REFIND Organizing offers Virtual Organizing & Packing services for our DIY'ers! 

With REFIND Organizing Plan, your professional organizer will act as your personal organizing coach to collaborate with you in your space via Zoom or FaceTime.  You will receive helpful coaching tips, strategies, and recommended products to create a system that fits your needs & lifestyle. We will also keep you motivated & committed during the times when things start to look impossible to tackle. To maximize this service, it is recommended that you schedule consistent sessions.

 Organized Modern Home

Monthly Maintenance Plan

For our returning customers, REFIND Organizing offers a Maintenance Plan that will compliment your lifestyle and budget. We will ease your stress and anxiety by helping to maintain your space on a regular basis.

To get started on your Maintenance Plan, click below to see our options:

Here is what you can expect when doing virtual organizing with REFIND Organizing:

An Organized Yoga Supply Wall


Light Bulb.png

Create a designated spot in your home for all your cleaning supplies and stocked items. With limited space, purchase an inexpensive shelf to maximize your vertical space.⁠

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