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Our Mission

REFIND Organizing prides ourselves as being a high touch organizing & moving boutique company that helps our clients rediscover their spaces, combat the clutter in their homes and minimize the stress of organization. Whether you need help with storage rooms, pantries, kitchens, closets, children's playrooms, and basements, REFIND Organizing provides livable solutions & creates functional systems to help clients overcome their organizing problems and have a stress-free environment.

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Hi! I'm Patrice

Hi there, my name is Patrice Bocci, and prior to launching REFIND Organizing, I was an event planner and fundraising consultant. I worked mostly with nonprofits and was responsible for organizing many events, from small gatherings & workshops to large fundraisers & galas. While event planning is my first love, I have always held a passion for working with people and organizing various areas of their lives.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, I re-evaluated my career goals and path. While I loved planning events, I found more fulfillment in working with people to organize their space and make room for items and people that matter most to them.  As I began to see the impact that I was having on their lives just from decluttering & reorganizing their spaces, I discovered that organizing was my true superpower. Upon discovering that I could turn professional organizing into a business, I decided to jump into it headfirst! After completing several courses and coaching classes, REFIND Organizing was launched in the Summer of 2020, and we have not looked back since.


Decluttering leads to de-stressing & I look forward to helping people in Warren County, NJ to achieve functional organization amidst the chaos of daily life!

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What You Can Expect From Us

REFIND Organizing understands that decluttering and organizing can be a long and emotional process. However, we are committed to working with you to overcome any organizing problems you are currently facing by walking with you step by step along the way.


Onsite Consultation

Conduct a walk-through to assess your current needs & map out a simple & clear plan for organizing your space(s).

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Sorting & Decluttering

This is typically the longest & most emotional step of the process as you will have to part ways with items you would not typically let go of on your own.

Time to Get Organized

 During this step, we will begin execution of the plan we created for your space. This includes installation of new systems and categorizing your items.

Alarm Clock

The Finishing Touches

Last in the process is a final walk-through to review changes that we made. During this step, we will also provide tips for maintaining your newly organized space(s)!


Are you ready to declutter and de-stress?

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